About us

Our Core Values:

Honor God in all we do.

Serve our community and each other.

Always act with honesty and integrity.

Give the people we come in contact with more than they expect.

Communicate clearly, openly, and often.

Strive to build long term relationships.

Be humble.

Tim Kuhn
Executive Director

As a parent of a child who attended private school from kindergarten to 12th grade, Tim brings a wealth of knowledge from both a parent's and business leader's perspective. Tim is founder, Executive Director, head of our coaching program, and sits on the board of directors.

Kasia Thimsen
Scholarship Coach

As a mother of two kids in private school, also brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to supporting our parents and donors. Kasia rounds out our marketing team by playing a leadership role in providing parents the education and tools they need to be successful in funding their child’s education. Whether visiting with her on the phone or seeing her at your school you will recognize Kasia by her smile and enthusiasm she brings to her position.

Brett Meyer
Director of Strategic Partnerships

As a native Arizonan, Brett has strong ties in the community and strives to make Arizona a better place to live for everyone. With a degree in finance and a background in business development, Brett's mission at Arizona Tuition Connection is to build and foster long-term, mutually beneficial relationships for our donors, schools, and families.

Anne Marie Drew
Scholarship Coach

Having 6 kids, all of which either attended or graduated from private school, Anne Marie can help guide parents through every aspect of using tax credits to fund their child's education. Anne Marie manages the operations side of our business, including our applications process, donation tracking, and award notification process for our organization.

Heather Rucker
Director of Design

With a background in phone support and graphic design, we were thrilled when Heather joined our team. She is your point of contact for making the perfect custom brochure and donation page. Heather manages our marketing, including print, email, and website content. Heather is also a parent with private school experience so she knows first hand how to make tax credits work for your family.

Sydney Drew
Scholarship Coach

As a private school graduate whose family benefited from the tax credit program, Sydney brings youth and enthusiasm to our office. Sydney is a key member of the applications, award notification, and phone support teams.

Melanie Hughes
Database Management

Working behind the scenes, Melanie keeps the application, donation and awards process flowing smoothly. Her background in administrative support and client relations make her a perfect fit to provide you the support you expect.


We used to struggle to try to find ways to start the conversation of asking people to donate and recommend funds for our family. Arizona Tuition Connection created and gave us custom brochures and video’s specifically for our family. These videos were great conversation starters with potential donors. Thank you Arizona Tuition Connection!    

~Amy Maschue – Saint Thomas the Apostle Parent

We have been using ACSTO to get a portion of our tuition covered for years. We were led to believe that ACSTO was the only organization we could use for our family’s Christian education. I wish we learn sooner that we had options. Arizona Tuition Connection has been a huge benefit to our family!

~Gilbert Christian Parent

Private Education can be expensive, especially at a high school like Brophy. Arizona Tuition Connection provided us a way to cover our tuition, allowing us to save those funds for college expenses.    

~Peggy Lanese – Brophy Parent

We had attended various sessions at our school and still were confused on how the tax credit program worked. It seemed like everyone we spoke with had a different story on how to maximize our awards. It was not until we attended one of Arizona Tuition Connections Coaching sessions did we fully understand how tax credits can benefit our family. 

~Scottsdale Christian Academy Parent

Corporate Partners

Award History

  • School Year 12-13 – We opened our doors – 1st donation received February 2013
  • In School Year 13-14    $ 198,931 in scholarships were awarded
  • In School Year 14-15    $ 729,669 in scholarships were awarded
  • In School Year 15-16    $4,777,823 in scholarships were awarded
  • In School Year 16-17    $9,118,225 in scholarships were awarded
  • In School Year 17-18    $12,339,742 in scholarships were awarded
  • In School Year 18-19    $13,373,012 in scholarships were awarded
  • In School Year 19-20   $16,247,159 in scholarships were awarded
  • In School Year 20-21   $20,191,131 in scholarships were awarded (Yet to be audited)
  • In School Year 21-22   $25,000,000 in scholarships expected to be awarded.
In the 19/20 school year, $8,039,818.70  in scholarships were given to low-income families. 

Below is a breakdown of total scholarships for the 19/20 school year.

Total Original Scholarships Awarded in 19/20:     $5,799,956

  • 7.33% ($425,359) went to families with income up to 185% of the poverty level
  • 13.61% ($789,089) went to families with income  185% to 342.25% of the poverty level

Total Switcher Scholarships awarded in 19/20:          $4,894,274

  • 11.91% ($582,976) went to families with income up to 185% of the poverty level
  • 14.09% ($689,465) went to families with income 185% to 342.25% of the poverty level

Total Corporate Low Income Scholarships awarded in 19/20       $5,552,928

  • 51.73% ($2,872,549) went to families with income up to 185% of the poverty level
  • 48.27% ($2,680,379) went to families with income 185% to 342.25% of the poverty level


Arizona Tuition Connection is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization approved by the Arizona Department of Revenue to take private school tax credit donations. EIN 46-1879761

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