You can recommend a child or a school receive your donation.


 1.  Determine the amount you are able to donate.

You can donate up to the maximum amounts set by the state as shown below, or your tax liability.  If you are unsure how much you can donate, we recommend speaking with a tax professional to determine your liability.

2.  Determine if you would like to recommend a school or a student for your donation. 

Recommending a student is optional.  If recommending a student, you will need to know the student’s name and the school they attend.  Arizona Tuition Connection will follow the intent of your recommendation to the extent the law will allow.  It is important to realize that not every student is eligible to receive every type of scholarship award. Donations received without a student recommendation, or donations received in which the recommended student is not eligible, will be pooled and awarded to low-income families.

3.  Make your donation.

You can donate three ways: on our secured website, by check, or by phone.  A receipt will be sent to you after you complete your donation.

4.   Do you have additional tax liability you would like to donate?

Arizona has 5 major tax credits for individuals.  Arizona Tuition Connection participates in the private school tax credit.  If you have additional tax liability you would like to donate or if you would like to learn more about the other tax credits, please go to AZTAXCREDITFUNDS.COM.

5.  Take the credit.

Take your donation as a credit when you file your Arizona State Taxes by giving your receipt to your tax preparer.  If you need a copy of your receipt, you can request one here:

Request Receipt Copy


Or, if you file your own taxes, you can download our TurboTax Guide:

Tips for TurboTax


There are some rules you need to be aware of:

It is against the law to donate to kids within your own household.

It is against the law to swap donations with another family.



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Individual Donors

Make your donation and recommend a student or school. Maximum donation amounts for the the 2024 tax year are: $2,910 filing jointly, and $1,459 filing single.

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AZTAXCREDITFUNDS.COM is a website individuals can use to make all of their tax credit donations! Click the button below if you would like to support other qualified organizations in the state.

We’ve helped over 2,000 Arizona families pay for school

We wanted to help fund our grandchild’s education. Arizona Tuition Connection allowed us to recommend our donation to go to a specific student. – Thank you!!!

~2019 Donor

Best STO in the State!

~2019 Donor

My CPA loves Arizona Tuition Connection. They provided all of the information he needed to take the credit off our taxes.

~2019 Donor