Personalized Tools to Start the Process

Custom Brochures

We are excited to offer personalized brochures featuring your student or family!  We will design, print and send these to you at no-charge.   Personalized brochures are a proven way to get donations for your family.

Personalized Donation Pages

A donation page is a one-page website set up specifically for your family. If you provide us with a few digital photos of your child(ren), we will send the first draft.  You then will have the ability to edit the landing page to express the exact message you would like to convey. These donation pages have proven to be an excellent way to start the conversations with your social contacts regarding donations.

Step 1 : Make Your Page.
  • Send an email with your child(ren)’s name(s) and photos to:
  • We recommend one page per family.
  • Please send image files, such as jpg or png.
  • You are welcome to send a narrative about your student(s). But this is not required. Alternatively, we will send you a first draft and you will have the opportunity to send revisions.
  • Your donation page will be emailed to you as a link. It is an active link, just like any web URL.
  • Test your link to make certain it is perfect before you send it out.
Step 2 : Share Your Page!
  • Copy the donation page link and paste it into a post on your favorite social media platform; Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc.
  • Send your link out to your social network via email.
  • Send your link out by text! Just another option for sending your new web page out to your network. Copy and paste the link into a text message.
  • We will not share your page with anyone, that is your job!
Have Questions?  Call us!  We are available.