Individuals in Arizona can donate and recommend your child receive those funds! The donor can take that donation as a credit off their Arizona State taxes, and the donated funds can be awarded as scholarships for your child's private school education.

This tax credit scholarship process does not have to be difficult or confusing.  We are here to help.  Just follow the steps below to get started. 



STEP 1:  Apply!

First step is to apply.  You can apply on our website, it only takes a few minutes to complete.  There are no application deadlines, but keep in mind we cannot award scholarships without a completed application.

STEP 2: Educate Yourself.

Join us at one of our parent coaching sessions!  This is the single best way to educate yourself on the tax credit program.  Upcoming sessions can be found on our Coaching page of this website.  You are welcome to join at any location that is convenient for you.  These 45-minute sessions will give you the knowledge you need to fund your child education.

STEP 3:  Get Your Tools Ready.

Arizona Tuition Connection provides a variety of tools to help receive donations where your family is recommended.  Both standard and personalized brochures and donation pages are available to you.  Visit the Personalized Tools or brochures section on our website for more information.

STEP 4:  Start a conversation.

Funding for scholarships come from donations. Parents play a large role in getting those donations by having conversations and sharing materials on the tax credit program. 

<<<<<< YOU CAN DO THIS!  >>>>>


Know you are doing it right! Join us at any of these coaching sessions: 

Wed, May. 29
Zoom Scholarship & Universal ESA Coaching
12:00 pm - 1:00 pm
Wed, May. 29
Zoom Scholarship & Universal ESA Coaching
5:30 pm - 6:30 pm
Wed, Jun. 5
Zoom Scholarship & Universal ESA Coaching
12:00 pm - 1:00 pm


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Parent Resources

Maximize your scholarship awards by utilizing these awesome tools.

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Parent Portal

View your applications and award history.

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Personalized Tools

Create custom brochures and website featuring your student(s).

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Find the forms you need to complete your application.

We've helped over 2,000 Arizona families pay for school

We used to struggle to try to find ways to start the conversation of asking people to donate and recommend funds for our family. Arizona Tuition Connection created and gave us custom brochures and video’s specifically for our family. These videos were great conversation starters with potential donors. Thank you Arizona Tuition Connection!    

~Amy Maschue – Saint Thomas the Apostle Parent

We have been using ACSTO to get a portion of our tuition covered for years. We were led to believe that ACSTO was the only organization we could use for our family’s Christian education. I wish we learn sooner that we had options. Arizona Tuition Connection has been a huge benefit to our family!

~Gilbert Christian Parent

Private Education can be expensive, especially at a high school like Brophy. Arizona Tuition Connection provided us a way to cover our tuition, allowing us to save those funds for college expenses.    

~Peggy Lanese – Brophy Parent

We had attended various sessions at our school and still were confused on how the tax credit program worked. It seemed like everyone we spoke with had a different story on how to maximize our awards. It was not until we attended one of Arizona Tuition Connections Coaching sessions did we fully understand how tax credits can benefit our family. 

~Scottsdale Christian Academy Parent
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