Arizona Gives Day! April 6th, 2021

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We are inviting individuals to support education by participating in Arizona Gives Day.
We are excited to announce that Arizona Tuition Connection will MATCH ALL DONATIONS made on Tuesday, April 6th with a low-income corporate scholarship for a family in need at the same school.

April 6th is Arizona Gives Day!

It is a perfect day to remind your social contacts that they can donate to the private school tax credit program!  Ask them donate, recommend your family or your school, and Arizona Tuition Connection will match it.

  • Donations can be made on our website:   DONATE HERE   
  • By calling our office at 480-409-4106.
  • By mailing a completed donation form postmarked on
    April 6th.

Please NOTE:

Only donations made on April 6th 2021 will be matched. Donations must be made directly to Arizona Tuition Connection. 

Matched funds will NOT go to the student recommended by the donor.

Matching scholarships will be awarded to qualifying students in the form of low-income corporate scholarships. The awarding of those scholarships will be within the state guidelines and at the sole discretion of Arizona Tuition Connection.