20-Minute Discussion: How your child can be Switcher Eligible

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April 05th 2023
12:00 pm - 12:20 pm

Join us for a brief discussion on how your child can become Switcher eligible!

Did you know that if historically your child was not eligible for “Switcher” Tax Credit Scholarships (Sometimes called overflow or Plus scholarships) it is now easy for your child to become Switcher eligible?

The laws have changed –  if historically you have only been able to receive the “Original” portion of the scholarship donations.  It is now possible for your child to receive both the Original and Switcher scholarships.   In other words, your child will be eligible for twice as much funding as they had been eligible for in the past.

This 20-minute zoom session is specifically to share with families how a child who was not eligible for switcher scholarships in the past, to become eligible for them going forward.     If you have a child who in previous years could not receive switcher scholarships, please join us.

Out of respect for our presenter, please have your camera turned ON and make sure you’re in a quiet, distraction-free environment while in this session. You don’t want to miss this information, so please be sure to register for a session at a time when you can give it your full attention!

We also encourage you to send us a photo of your kid(s) before the session. We’ll use it to create a personalized donation page for your family, as well as custom brochures! You can learn more about these tools here.

To receive personalized donation tools, please email the following to marketing@arizonatuitionconnection.com:

  • Photo of your kid(s)
  • Student name(s)
  • School name(s)
  • Which coaching session you’ll be attending

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This session is in English.

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