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The Refuge Cafe
4727 N. 7th Ave., Phoenix, AZ, 85013, Maricopa
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After you drop your kids off at school, join us for breakfast!

Getting an early understanding of how the tax credit program works is crucial for your success at getting your tuition paid for.

Once you attend this coaching session, you will walk away with a full understanding.

Let us guide you to success!

Scholarship are available for upper, lower and middle income families.

(This session is in English)

We encourage you to send us a digital picture in advance of the session.   Doing this will allow us to make custom brochures for you and deliver them to you.  Please include in your email: Your student’s name, school, and what coaching session you will be attending.  Email photos to:             Marketing@arizonatuitionconnection.com


We look forward  seeing you there.


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